Jungle Theme Bedroom ~ Ideas And Inspiration

I've also collected together a number of product recomendations that can be found on the internet, including furniture, beds, curtains, paintings and floor coverings that are related to the jungle theme as well as the animals one finds in such habitats. I have found if you buy beds online it is cheaper than buying locally.

A Jungle Theme Bedroom and Education

How a themed bedroom can further your child's development and interests

Children love mystery and the chance to explore. The jungle is a far away place for most Western kids but through movies, books and cartoons, the dark and exciting world of the jungle comes closer to home. Wild animals are never far behind, lurking in the shadows or in the branches of the trees. A child's imagination can run wild with such marvellous imagery.

There is however, another side to the bedroom jungle theme which will appeal to parents. The more chances there are for children to learn about nature, animals and places in the world, the better. After a hard day at school, sitting your son or daughter down and explaining from a book can seem both daunting and tiring. This is where the child's environment comes into play.

When fun is mixed with learning, a child is a lot more likely to develop a long-term interest in a particular subject. A jungle theme bedroom design is a stepping stone to further exploration by the child into what type of animals, plants and locations are found in the type of decor portrayed in his or her bedroom. The chances for learning in such a situation are immense. Preparation, research and inspiration

A little preparation is key when designing a themed bedroom of any kind. Before doing anything else, it is best to do some research on jungles in general. Naturally, for a kid's bedroom, we don't have to be exact or rigid in our interpretations and can afford a liberal amount of artistic licence. However, there are basic facts we need to get right including the types of animals found in the jungle habitat, as well as flora and fauna.

Collect together a few library books and browse any encyclopaedias you have at home. Jump on the internet and surf the major search engines using various keywords to do with the jungle and the animals found there. Skim some magazines you might have, especially ones with nature as a main topic. If you're able to watch the National Geographic Channel or related documentary programs, then do so and make a few notes or sketches as you watch.

Adding Plants to a Jungle Theme Bedroom

Discuss with your child the implications of caring for a living plant Plants in any interior space provide a natural quality that in most cases enhances the overall ambience of the room. This is no different when it comes to your child's jungle theme bedroom design and decor. In fact, bringing plants into the room will further the jungle feel one is aiming for. However, such additions need to be thought through carefully and not overdone.

It's important to discuss with your child the implications of having a live plant in his or her bedroom. Depending on the child's age, they might be given the responsibility themselves of watering the plant and taking general care of it. If you have an over-active child, the chances are the plant might be knocked over or destroyed. Although on the flip side, greenery also has a calming effect. You will have to decide what is best.

If you decide to add plants to the jungle theme bedroom, the choices of which to buy are vast. Naturally, you won't have to get a real jungle plant but there are many native species to North America and Europe that look similar in many ways and will give a jungle feel to any corner or part of the room where they are placed. You will know instinctively which plant will be suitable and even more so if you do a little research beforehand. Browse through some jungle images and make a mental note of the style of plants found in that type of habitat.

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