Buying A New Mattress – A Winnng Guide

Buying the right mattress makes a difference to whether or not you get a good night’s sleep, so be sure you buy the right one suited for your comfort needs.

Even if you bought just the right mattress years ago, if its more than ten years old, its time to replace it. But before rushing out to buy a mattress, be sure to do your homework so youll know what to buy and not bring home the first mattress that feels good.

Types of Mattress

There are seven main types of mattress, each with different qualities.

1. Innerspring mattresses have different upholstery types on top of the coils, giving a mattress its feel for comfort.

2. Memory foam mattresses, which are somewhat new since the mid-1990s, conform to the shape of a persons body which leaves an impression of the body contour after getting out of bed. This type gives the sensation of melting into bed.

3. Latex mattresses are reliving their popularity, although theyve been on the market for decades. It is not as conforming as the memory foam, but offers durability and support.

4. Air mattresses use air instead of coils with degrees of firmness adjusted by the amount of air thats in the mattress.

5. Waterbeds, which were the rage in the 1970s, have declined in popularity. This type of mattress uses liquid for support, rather than coils.

6. Adjustable beds can elevate into upright, besides other positions. These are good for people with back problems, or for people who like to sit upright in bed. They come in various materials such as memory foam, innerspring and latex.

7. Dual-purpose beds, which include futons and sofa beds, are excellent for guests and can transform from a sitting to a sleeping surface.
Mattress Components

Your new mattress will consist of three main parts: upholstery layers, an innerspring coil unit and box springs.

The upholstery layers or padding makes up most of the cost. An Average mattress is 14 inches thick, while 20 years ago it was only nine inches thick. The coil hasnt changed much as its typically about six inches. The more padding in a mattress, the thicker it is. Every mattress has roughly three to eight layers of padding. Layers are made up of natural fibers, man-made materials and various foams. The padding is more expensive than the coils.

The Innerspring coils, the base of a mattress, support your body where its most needed. More coils in a mattress dont necessarily mean a better mattress, as different manufacturers use various materials and there are many variables in coil function and design. You can find some good value innerspring mattresses at www.mattress

The box spring is the foundation of a mattress. They come in a wide range of designs, with better quality ones extending the longevity of a mattress.

How to Test a Mattress

Take off your shoes and then plop on it right there in the store. Don’t be embarrassed about how you may look to others. Don’t just lie down on a mattress in one position. For example, if you sleep on your side, then get on your side to test the comfort. The mattress may support your side or stomach differently than how it supports your back.

Make sure you can get into a comfortable position easily. Look for different models or brands if you feel any springs when lying down. Also test the ease of getting in and out of bed.

Dealing with Salespeople

Watch out for pay less offers. A salesperson may want to throw in additional things such as discounted prices if you buy more than one mattress. Although some deals may be okay, be sure youve done your research and know what you should get before buying more.

Dont be pressured into a sale if a salesperson says that if you dont buy the mattress today it wont be on sale tomorrow and that he has other consumers coming in later in the day willing to pay more.

Beware of the frequency marketing techniques that give purchase rewards with spending more money on a mattress.

Remember to tell the salesperson that youre still researching mattresses and do not intend to make a decision immediately.

Mattress Considerations

The firmness of a mattress doesnt necessarily mean its better for your spine. Firmness shouldnt be confused with support as a softer mattress can let your hips and shoulders sink into a bed, while it keeps the spine straight as you sleep on your side. Pick a mattress thats somewhat between being too firm and too soft.

Consider height when choosing a mattress. For example, tall people do better in king size beds. Queen size beds give enough space for comfortable sleep for people under six feet tall.

Mattress Consumer Warnings

Dont buy at the first store you visit, or lie down on a mattress for just 10 seconds, and then make a hasty decision. Realise there are many manufacturers, such as Serta, Sealy, Simmons and others, besides different types of mattress.

Dont pay more for a mattress because it has a longer warranty. Remember that a mattress is only good for about ten years.

When you select just the right mattress, youll be rewarded with years of restful sleep. Taking care of your new mattress is also important, so you dont want pets or children to use it as a trampoline. Just as any good quality furniture; mattresses are a huge investment and much thought should be given before investing your hard-earned money.